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MISSION: Release new ideas and technologies rapidly to see what sticks.

TechSmith's Hub for Experimental Innovation

Welcome to TechSmith Labs – the home for temporary trials, wacky experiments, and maybe TechSmith's next best thing. Check below for our latest experiments and let us know what you think! Input from our customers is what makes every TechSmith project great; just don't get too attached. While these experiments may be cool, keep in mind that they're experiments – they may morph into other ideas, turn into products, or discreetly disappear forever. Your feedback helps us determine the next phase – so check them out and let us know what you think.

SCREENCHOMP – Serve up Tasty Screen Videos with your iPad

Our first experimental app helps you create bite-sized video nuggets everyone can learn from.

This recordable whiteboard is just the canvas you need to jot your ideas down and share them – with the world, or just a friend or two.
Helpful to anyone, but developed with teachers and students in mind, ScreenChomp records your touchscreen interactions and audio so you can…

  • Send helpful tutoring videos home with students
  • Allow kids to create videos that help their classmates
  • Explain complexities from afar
  • Record your most recent brilliant idea
  • Share doodles with friends and family

A whiteboard with many colored markers, a wide-open Canvas, and easy sharing through ScreenChomp.com or Facebook make it as easy as Record. Sketch. Share!

  • Scrolling

    Swipe two fingers up or down to scroll your whiteboard.

  • View Videos

    Press to view your recent video uploads or delete them from your iPad.

  • Spot Eraser

    Swipe over any mistakes to watch them disappear.

  • Erase All

    Press for 3 seconds to clean your whiteboard.

  • Markers

    Use these colored markers to sketch, or hold for 3 seconds for more colors.

  • Insert Background

    Import any image from your iPad's camera roll to doodle on.

Available on the app store Submit questions or feedback

TECHSMITH FUSE – A mobile app for Camtasia Relay users on-the-go

The TechSmith Fuse app allows existing Camtasia Relay users to upload videos right to their Camtasia Relay server from your iOS device.
Just enter your server address with your username and password, and submit your new recording. That's it!

Screenchomp Demonstration on iPad You'll use TechSmith Fuse to…

  • Record a short video message for students when you learn cool things at conferences.
  • Create a quick how-to video to help your students get "un-stuck."
  • Make a real-life learning enrichment video anytime
  • a great teaching opportunity presents itself – and share it quickly.
  • Upload any existing videos on your device to your Camtasia Relay server.

With simple recording and sharing tools, TechSmith Fuse gives you more opportunities to incorporate real-life examples into your classroom than before. Download it today to get started!

  • Loginright arrow

    Get your server address from your Camtasia Relay administrator, then login with your username and password as you normally do.

  • Recordright arrow

    Touch the red record button to begin capturing videos, or pull in existing items from your camera roll.

  • Send it

    Submit your video and your video will encode according to your profile settings and become available to your class.

Available on the app store Submit questions or feedback

labs.techsmith.com FAQ's

  1. What is TechSmith Labs anyway?
  2. What is the difference between a TechSmith “innovation” and an “experiment”?
  3. Do I have to pay for these Labs experiments?
  4. Can I get technical support?
  5. Will experiments be available in other languages?
  6. Will all these “experiments” be “innovations” one day?
  7. How do I submit my bright idea to TechSmith Labs?
What is TechSmith Labs anyway?

If TechSmith had a league of mad scientists, this would be their laboratory. Actually, we do have mad scientists. They’re called developers – and they have a lot of crazy and useful ideas they’d like to bring your way. TechSmith Labs is the place where we shine the spotlight on some of the more promising prototypes.

What is the difference between a TechSmith “innovation” and an “experiment”?

Any innovation (or product) TechSmith releases has to meet very high quality standards and will undergo rounds and rounds of user testing and tweaking to get it just right. TechSmith Labs releases experiments that we create quickly, so you can try them quickly. They may be fun or really useful, but they may also be buggy or contain incomplete elements. This is part of the fun because you get to weigh in on what you like or are irritated by.

Do I have to pay for these Labs experiments?

Because these projects are classified as “work-in-progress”, we will not charge for them while they are in Labs. There may be a fee in the future if they become products or innovations.

Will all these “experiments” be “innovations” one day?

No. Some projects will make the cut, but others will become parts of other products. Some will only exist for a short time, just to prove that a piece of functionality works. Others will be excellent fodder for our Recycle bin. You can help influence the future of your favorite experiments by letting us know what you think. We can’t promise to implement every idea that’s proposed, but know that your feedback will undergo consideration from the developers that helped create it.

Can I get technical support?

No, and yes. While TechSmith Labs projects don’t have phone and online tech support like our products do, we do have an online feedback community that you can post your questions to. Other users may help answer your question, a TechSmith developer or two may weigh in… you never know.

Will experiments be available in other languages?

For now, our experiments are only available to English-speaking users.

How do I submit my bright idea to TechSmith Labs?

Post your idea to our feedback community and we’ll give it some thought. And don’t forget to check on your post later to see if our team has questions about your idea.